IBC - Intermediate bulk carrier

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2000 litre water bowser

water bowser

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Bowser 2000 Litre

Bulk Water - Small Water Bowser

Water Bowser - Water Carrier


  • 2,000 litre potable grade water bowser
  • Petrol driven water pump on board for powered discharge
  • Road towable c/w lights and brakes


  • Chargeable by the week
  • Delivery and collection charge depending on location

Ideal for use where a mobile water source is required.

The petrol water pump makes this the perfect soultion for maintaining a series of static water tanks.

The smaller size makes it ideal for towing by a wide range of vehicles.

Water can be supplied from South East Water's boreholes which abstract from the chalk or greensand aquifers, high quality natural sources of spring water. Alternative supplies of softwater or mains treated water can also be delivered.

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Bulk Water Delivery

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Tankered Water

Water Bowser Delivery


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